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Mult-tenant commercial properties have to deal with keeping both their customers and their tenants safe and informed of all work being performed


Shopping Centers

Shopping Centers and Malls have larger parking lots with multiple entrances and access points to their buildings. Maintenance services like sealcoating, or capital improvement projects like milling and re-paving have to be scheduled in phases in order to allow customers and employees to continually access the buildings during work. Additionally, repair projects like asphalt potholes or drainage issues require barricades to keep pedestrian and vehicular traffic from disrupting the work area.


Warehouses require continuous upkeep due to the large amount of heavy equipment that is onsite on a regular basis. Depending on what is stored in the warehouse bays, be it inventory which requires large trucks for deliveries, or construction/manufacturing equipment, the parking and driveway areas receive more than the normal wear and tear of a traditional business.



Office parks have to consider the schedules of all of their tenants when scheduling parking lot work. Keeping the employees of your tenants informed of all service areas while eliminating liabilities is of the utmost importance to Office Park owners and managers. Additionally, attracting new businesses to fill vacant suites starts with a well-maintained parking area that is both inviting and safe.

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