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Concrete Curbs & Curbing

Concrete Curbing & Concrete curb construction South Florida

Take your Curb Appeal to a whole new level with 3-D Paving!

Concrete curbs can be used for a variety of reasons, and curbing frequently serves more than one function. For example, curbs can add aesthetic appeal by giving the property a finished, formal appearance. Curbing can define property boundaries, protect landscaping, or prevent careless drivers from traveling where they should not go. Concrete parking curbs can help keep runoff from the pavement confined to a gutter or other channel so that the water can be safely directed to a storm drain or other receptacle. However, because curbs can serve so many different functions, it is important to select the correct style and size to provide the benefits that you desire.

Concrete Contractor close to me, 3-D Paving and Sealcoating installs custom curbing 10 inches tall at the LOWE'S facility in Pompano Beach, FL.

What Styles of Concrete Parking Curbs Are Available?

There are several types of concrete curbs available to use in a variety of applications. The most common type is the poured-in-place curb, which is made by pouring wet concrete into forms and allowing it to harden. This type of curb provides a continuous edge along the edges of roads or sidewalks and can be used to separate paving from adjacent lawns or gardens. Another type is precast concrete curbs, which are molded offsite and then transported to the job site for installation. Precast curbs offer greater design flexibility than poured-in-place curbs as they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Finally, segmental concrete curbs are created by assembling individual precast segments together onsite to create the desired shape and style. This type of curb is often used in residential areas and can be customized to fit a specific landscape design. Talk to your contractor about the types of curbing you need. Some could be type B curbing or type F curbing. Call 3-D Paving today!

Custom 10" concrete curbing installed onto a concrete parking lot in Pompano Beach, FL at the LOWE'S facilityg

What Is the Proper Size for Concrete Curbs?

The correct size depends primarily on the function that you want the curbing to serve. Curb height is measured from the surface of the pavement to the top of the curb; this is known as the curb reveal. Curb reveals are typically at least six inches, but they are seldom more than eight inches. Some applications can call for more like the custom 10″ curbs seen pictured above. These were hand formed for a LOWE’S home improvement center in Pompano Beach, FL.  An important exception exists if the curb contains a handicapped-accessible ramp. Under ADA regulations, the curb reveal cannot exceed a quarter of an inch. As you might expect, higher curbs offer great protection against vehicle intrusions, and they can also be better at channeling water in areas that receive substantial amounts of runoff from nearby properties with significant slopes.

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    In addition to the height of the curb, its width can help ensure that the curbing serves its intended purpose. Because some curb styles are tapered, width is measured at the curb’s widest point. Most curbs measure at least six inches in width, but they rarely exceed eight inches. Although curb widths are important parts of ensuring the functionality of the curbing, attention should also be given to the ability of pedestrians to step over the curbs without risking a trip or fall.

    Is It Possible to Repair Concrete Curbing?

    In most cases, concrete curbs incur damage from either vehicles or nature. A careless truck driver might strike or drive across a curb and break it, a drain or basin could become clogged and force water under the curbing, or tree roots could exert sufficient force to push one or more sections out of alignment. In these instances, the best repair method is usually to remove and replace the damaged section. However, if the problem is a few cracks, these can often be repaired quickly and economically, but it is important to expedite the repairs to prevent additional damage.

    Newly installed concrete slab and curbing on a concrete parking lot. 10" high curbs custom installation.

    Let 3-D Paving Help!

    Whether you want to integrate curbing with your new pavement, add curbing to an existing pavement, or replace or repair damaged curbs, 3-D Paving & Sealcoating has the experience, skills, and industry experts to assist you. We also install and repair concrete ramps, concrete walkways and sidewalks, concrete slabs, and concrete parking lots. Our asphalt services include asphalt resurfacing, asphalt paving, asphalt milling, and asphalt sealcoating. In addition, we offer pavement markings, parking lot striping, concrete grinding, drainage corrections, parking lot signage, ADA compliance, thermoplastic line striping, speed bump installation, paver bricks, bollard installation, and reflective pavement markers. We serve commercial and residential clients in South Florida with expert craftsmanship and exemplary service at competitive prices. To request a free quote, call our Coral Springs office at 855-735-ROAD, or use the online form to contact us.

    Benefits of Concrete Curbs

    Concrete curbing provides many benefits to any outdoor area. The concrete provides a sturdy barrier that won’t crack or break easily, adding strength and durability to the landscape. Concrete curbs also help maintain the aesthetic of an area by outlining walkways and pathways in order to keep lawns and flower beds neat. Additionally, concrete curbing helps with water control, preventing runoff into gardens and landscaped areas while providing extra drainage protection when used along driveways or other concrete surfaces. Finally, concrete curbs can provide an additional layer of safety for those walking or playing outdoors, as concrete is much less likely to be damaged than other materials like wood or plastic. Overall, concrete curbs offer a multitude of advantages that cannot be overlooked. By utilizing concrete curbs in any outdoor setting, homeowners can experience the benefits of a strong and lasting landscape.

    Prevent Erosion

    Protecting the landscapes in urban areas from cars and preserving the important work that plays a role in landscaping.

    Water Drainage

    Collecting and draining water away from residential areas, and thus reduce the risk of flooding.


    Defining an edge for sodding or trimming, which makes landscaping more efficient.


    Demarking the edges of a parking lot or roadway. This helps people clearly identify it, making the paved areas safer.

    Boundary Support

    Supporting and providing a boundary when laying the concrete for the sidewalks.

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