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Concrete Gutters South Florida

Water is an essential resource for all forms of life on this planet, but it is a formidable enemy of pavements of all types. It does not matter whether your paving material is asphalt or concrete, whether the pavement in question is a parking lot or a street, or whether your contractor used the best materials and techniques when constructing your pavement. Water can lead to premature deterioration of the paving material, erode the foundation underneath your pavement, and present a host of other problems to drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Concrete gutters can help you preserve the safety and integrity of your pavement.

Why Are Concrete Gutters Important?

No matter how flat a street or parking lot may appear, it should have a slight grade so that water will drain from the surface. In virtually all cases, the slope will cause the water to drain toward the edges of the pavement and collect there. This provides an excellent opportunity for the water to work its way under the edges of the pavement. Once it infiltrates beneath the pavement, gravity will pull it deeper and deeper into the structure, inflicting damage as it goes. When the water reaches the foundation that supports the pavement, the resulting erosion can leave pockets of air between the foundation and the pavement. Without adequate support, the pavement can sink, crack, or develop potholes. Concrete gutters help keep the water contained while they direct it to catch basins or storm drains.

How Do You Install Concrete Gutters?

We begin by consulting with our client and evaluating the site to determine the project timeline and scope. This is typically followed by the following actions.

1. We take careful measurements of the area in which the gutters are to be installed.

2. If there are broken or deteriorated gutters present, we remove them.

3. We clear the site of all debris and vegetation.

4. If necessary, we remove the existing base layer and install new gravel. We then level and grade the new base.

5. We carefully grade the work area to ensure the proper channeling of runoff.

6. We set up forms to shape and contain the concrete during its curing process.

7. Using a high-quality concrete mix that we selected specifically for the customer’s job, we place the concrete into the forms.

8. To enhance durability and stability, we may add joins or other types of surface marks.

9. Once the concrete has cured sufficiently, we remove the forms and clean up the site.

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Benefits of Concrete Gutters

Prevent Erosion

Protecting the landscapes in urban areas from cars and preserving the important work that plays a role in landscaping.

Water Drainage

Collecting and draining water away from residential areas, and thus reduce the risk of flooding.


Defining an edge for sodding or trimming, which makes landscaping more efficient.


Demarking the edges of a parking lot or roadway. This helps people clearly identify it, making the paved areas safer.

Boundary Support

Supporting and providing a boundary when laying the concrete for the sidewalks.

Contact 3-D Paving and Sealcoating today to get a quote for your Concrete Gutter needs.

Contact 3-D Paving and Sealcoating today to get a quote for your Concrete Gutter needs.