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The pavements around your warehouse receive more than their fair share of abuse. They are constantly subjected to pressure from fully laden tractor-trailers that must navigate your property to reach your loading docks, forklifts that occasionally drop heavy pallets, and traffic from the vehicles that your employees and vendors drive. Keeping your pavements in great condition requires the help of an experienced, dependable, and trustworthy contractor, and that is precisely what you receive when you ask 3-D Paving for assistance.

What Services Might a Warehouse Operator Need for Its Pavements?

Warehouses often need help to repair damage, protect structures, enhance safety, improve aesthetics, and protect the pavements themselves. Here are some of our services that are frequently requested by warehouse owners and managers.

  • Bollards can protect loading docks, scale houses, signage, guard shacks, and other structures and features.
  • Concrete ramps, pads, and parking lots can be installed that will bear up under heavy loads.
  • Asphalt overlays can refresh existing pavements, giving them the characteristics of a new pavement without the associated costs.
  • Concrete repairs can level wayward slabs, mend cracks, and address spalling. Pedestrians will be safer, and the curb appeal of the property will be enhanced.
  • Concrete grinding can remove paint, most stains, and grime from the surfaces of concrete floors.
  • Asphalt repairs can fix potholes, patch alligatored asphalt, mend cracks, or, in certain situations, increase the strength of an existing pavement.
  • Thermoplastic line striping can provide a long-lasting, highly visible alternative to traditional paint. Thermoplastics are less likely to be damaged or stained by oil and other vehicle fluids.
  • Traffic signs can help direct truck drivers to specific loading docks or warehouses within your complex.

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Must Warehouses Suspend Operations to Have Paving Services Performed?

Whenever possible, we will attempt to provide you with the services you need without requiring you to close down while we work. For example, if warehouses are only open on weekdays, we can try to schedule our work on weekends. If your facility is always open, we will work with you to determine the times or days with the least traffic. Depending on the service or services you need, we may be able to complete your job with little or no disruption to your normal operations.

Is 3-D Paving a Reliable Company?

We have built our outstanding reputation through the consistent delivery of exemplary service and exceptional workmanship in a truly professional manner. We stand behind our work, and we stand beside our customers every step of the way. Our crew members are highly skilled, experienced, and safety-conscious individuals who have specialized areas of expertise. We are fully insured and appropriately licensed, and we can provide you with impeccable references. If you would like a free quote on your next project, call our office in Coral Springs at 954-933-2053 or 855-735-ROAD. You can also complete our online request form if you prefer.

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