Drainage Repair

Drainage Repair in South Florida

When most people think about drainage, their first thoughts are usually about runoff from a rainfall. Although South Florida typically gets its fair share of rain, drainage issues can be much more complex.

What Are the Different Types of Drainage?

You can divide drainage into two broad categories. The first category is surface drainage, which includes the removal of rain that has fallen onto a pavement as well as the runoff from the surrounding terrain or your neighbor’s property. Issues with surface drainage are typically relatively easy to spot. For example, puddles may remain in certain areas long after the rest of the pavement has dried. The second category is subterranean drainage. Because you cannot see what is happening underground, issues with subterranean drainage can go undetected for extended periods. Frequently, clients describe the development of numerous large potholes, depressions, and alligator cracking as having happened overnight to a pavement that was in pristine condition only a day or two earlier. In reality, if the pavement was indeed in perfect condition, it is more likely that subterranean drainage issues have been undermining the integrity of the pavement for quite some time.

When Is the Best Time to Address Drainage Issues?

The best time to evaluate potential drainage issues is when the pavement is first constructed. Contractors need to know what is happening beneath the surface, and this means that they should evaluate the site for potential underground streams, hidden sinkholes, and other features that could affect the integrity of the pavement. There are many ways to correct subterranean drainage issues if they are identified before construction begins. After construction, issues can still be corrected, but the process will be more costly in both time and money. Similarly, construction is the best time to address potential issues with surface drainage. Depending on the particular problem and applicable local codes, this could involve the construction of a retaining wall, a channel to redirect runoff from nearby land, or a new storm drain. The contractor must also make sure that an adequate number of catch basins, trenches, or other elements are included in the design of the pavement. The grade and slope of the pavement must be calculated carefully and implemented correctly. It is also a good idea to include a gutter system and curbing to direct the water where it needs to go.

How Do You Correct Issues With Surface Drainage?

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The first thing you need to realize is that it will likely be an exercise in futility if a correction is attempted without first identifying and addressing the specific issue. Unless the cause of the problem is addressed, the issue will most likely reappear time after time. Throughout the rest of your pavement’s life, which will probably be shortened significantly, you will likely encounter costlier and more frequent pavement repairs. On the brighter side, many problems with surface drainage can be quickly and economically corrected. For example, depressions that are the result of a minor paving error may only need a little asphalt milling to remedy the issue. Trenches can sometimes fix problems with water flowing in an unwanted direction, or they may compensate for mislocated catch basins. It is difficult to be more precise without first inspecting your pavement to identify the cause.

How May We Serve You?

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Benefits of Drainage

Drainage is something you absolutely must make sure you get sorted right now, and here are 5 of the key benefits:

Prevent Flooding

Helps to prevent flooding and keeps the road or parking lot usable as much as possible.

Avoid Water Damage

Prevents the road from absorbing too much water and becoming damaged over time.

Lowers Costs

Lowers the maintenance work and costs involved in the long term care of your surfaces.

Improves Safety

Improves safety for both pedestrians and drivers.

Limits Soil Erosion

Prevents soil erosion, which can lead to slipping and sinking of concrete slabs, or the degradation of the base of your asphalt surfaces.

Contact 3-D Paving and Sealcoating today to get a quote for your Drainage​ needs.

Contact 3-D Paving and Sealcoating today to get a quote for your Drainage​ needs.