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Bollard Installation and Repairs in South Florida

For centuries, bollards were only placed on docks and wharves to serve as mooring posts. During the 18th century, these vertical posts began to see use as protective devices in urban settings, especially in areas that featured narrow streets supporting large numbers of freight wagons and carriages. During the 1900s, bollards underwent significant transformations to become the ubiquitous posts that virtually everyone can identify. However, in recent decades, bollards have continued to evolve, new styles have appeared, and new uses have been found for them.

What Is the Most Common Reason for Installing Bollards?

Most bollards are installed to prevent vehicles from striking buildings, utility boxes, guard shacks, and other structures. Intrusions may be intentional; for example, thieves could crash a vehicle into a store to provide a fast, easy way to enter the premises. However, many vehicle intrusions are accidental; a driver becomes distracted or confused while attempting to enter or exit a parking space, the brakes fail, or the driver simply misjudges his or her speed.

What Are Some Other Popular Reasons for Installing Protective Bollards?

Protective bollards can shield people, landscaping, and even the drivers of the vehicles from harm. When placed along a sidewalk, bollards provide a safety zone for pedestrians as well as the customers and staff at a sidewalk café. Bollards can protect trees, light poles, shrubs, and bike racks. If a steep embankment, ditch, or major highways lies just beyond a pavement’s end, bollards can protect drivers from potentially serious injuries by preventing them from driving beyond the pavement. Bollards can also be used to prevent vehicles from driving on a sports field, entering a bike lane, or gaining access to a park or playground.

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Do All Bollards Serve Only a Protective Function?

There are many different styles of bollards available, and some styles are intended for purposes other than protection against vehicles. For example, architectural bollards can add curb appeal, provide cyclists with a place to chain their bikes, or direct pedestrians along a trail or path. Sign bollards can be excellent alternatives to traditional metal poles that suffer frequent damage or displacement from being struck by vehicles.

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The Benefits of Installing Bollards

Managing Traffic

Bollards can play an essential role in channelling traffic, setting up diversions, closing roads, and using semi-closures.

Informing Drivers

Cracks and potholes aren’t the only cause of accidents. Bumps, divots, and other imperfections can be just as damaging. Additionally, pooling water or vehicular fluids only worsen asphalt conditions . Asphalt repair ensures that the surface is completely even.

Safeguarding Buildings

A primary use of bollards is to prevent damage from vehicles, whether accidental or intentional, to buildings or important structures such as dumpster enclosures.

Protecting Pedestrians

Bollards can also prevent vehicles from mounting the curb, offering superior security to pedestrians.

Flexible Installation

Brightly painted or sleeved bollards and those with LEDs installed can be used to ensure visible demarcation to drivers. However, there are also more subtle designs available too.

Contact 3-D Paving and Sealcoating today to get a quote for your Bollard Installation needs.

Contact 3-D Paving and Sealcoating today to get a quote for your Bollard Installation needs.