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Reflective Pavement Markers – Asphalt Reflectors – Road Reflectors

Asphalt Reflectors - Road Reflectors

Reflective Pavement Company South Florida

For more than a century, inventors, government agencies, and engineers have grappled with the issue of enhancing safety through pavement markings. Early drivers did not even have centerlines to guide them, but modern drivers have the benefit of a wide variety of markings and devices. One popular device is called a reflective pavement marker.

What Are Reflective Pavement Markers?

Reflective pavement markers are passive safety devices that are installed on a pavement to help drivers identify the location of their vehicles as they travel down a road. These devices reflect the headlights of cars instead of relying on a battery or other source of power. Reflective pavement markers are especially helpful when driving on a wet pavement, at night, or in other conditions that can make painted markings difficult or impossible to see.

What Are Some Uses for Reflective Pavement Markers?

Reflective pavement markers are commonly used to mark centerlines, lane boundaries, and roadway edges. They are also frequently found on interstate highways to mark the edges of acceleration and deceleration lanes to guide drivers entering or exiting the highway. Another common application is to warn drivers that they are travelling in the wrong direction or entering a pavement that is closed to traffic. You can also find them in school zones and construction zones, and they are growing in popularity for use within parking lots.

Why Are There Different Colors of Pavement Markers?

Reflective pavement markers get their colors from their lenses. In the United States, the different colors are meant to convey different meanings. For example, orange or yellow markers mean essentially the same thing as a yellow stripe painted down the center of the roadway; they tell drivers that traffic flows in both directions. Yellow markers can also be used to identify the left edge of a one-way pavement. Similarly, white markers serve a similar function to the white lines that define the lanes of traffic moving in the same direction. White markers, like white lines, can also be used to identify the shoulder of the road or mark the pavement’s right edge. Red markers are used to warn drivers that they should not continue. In some areas, blue markers are used to indicate the location of a fire hydrant, and green markers can be used by gated communities to identify gates that can be opened by emergency vehicles.

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Road Safety

Safety is the main benefit when it comes to thermoplastic road markings. They can be seen at night and under poor weather conditions.


Durability is also an important part of the road marking infrastructure, and thermoplastic markings last a long time and can improve skid resistance.

A Range of Applications

They offer a diverse range of applications, as these markings can be used for roads and parking lots, but also for bicycle lanes, bus lanes, and disabled parking spaces.


Thermoplastic pavement markings & R.P.M.s are cost-effective due to the fact that they are low-maintenance and long-lasting.

Minimal Downtime

The speed with which these markings can be applied makes them efficient and effective when it comes to improving the roads.

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