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You may not have noticed, but concrete slabs are everywhere. They are the pads that surround commercial dumpsters, specifically engineered to support the weight of the collection trucks. They form the foundation of many modern homes, offices, and stores. Residential patios and garage floors are typically concrete slabs, and many people install concrete slabs for their garden sheds, workshops, and storage buildings. At the most basic level, you could say that any flat, horizontal plane cast from concrete is a slab. Given their popularity, it is not surprising that you can find numerous videos online that purport to show you how easy it is to install a concrete slab yourself. Not surprisingly, these posters do not provide follow-up videos that show what happens to the slab after two or three years. Like many other tasks, there is a major difference between completing a job and getting it right. For a long-lasting, safe, attractive concrete slab, you need the services of an experienced contractor. This is especially true if the pavement will need to support heavy loads, is large in size, or needs to be constructed on a site with unstable soil, a slope, or subterranean drainage issues.

How Do You Approach a Concrete Slab Installation?

We start by asking questions. What type of slab do you need? Do you need a dumpster pad, a foundation for a backyard shed, a floor for the room you are adding to your home, or an outdoor patio for your restaurant? To what kind of stress will the slab be subjected? Will you be installing and operating heavyweight machinery, building a second story, parking your RV on it, or driving heavy equipment across it? What type of finish do you want? Concrete slabs can be stained, stamped, or textured. After collecting as much information as you can provide, we then conduct a site evaluation of the soil and the terrain. Next, we use the data we collected to perform a series of complex calculations to design the perfect slab for your specific requirements.

What Is Included in the Design of a Concrete Slab?

Concrete slabs consist of a subgrade, a base, and a concrete mix. There are numerous grades of concrete mixes, and they can vary in comprehensive, tensile, and flexural strength. When designing a concrete slab, we must consider the subgrade, but the type and thickness of the base and concrete are critical. We must also consider whether the concrete needs to be reinforced. If it does, we must calculate the correct amount and placement of the rebar. After carefully engineering your design, we then verify all calculations to ensure that your concrete slab will provide the appearance and functionality that you expect.

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At 3-D Paving & Sealcoating, our concrete specialists can install a high-quality concrete slab, concrete ramp, concrete sidewalk, concrete curbing and gutter system, or concrete parking lot. We also offer asphalt paving and resurfacing, parking lot striping, asphalt milling, ADA compliance, pavement markings, asphalt sealcoating, thermoplastic line striping, drainage corrections, speed bumps, bollards, parking lot signs, paver bricks, and concrete grinding. We have an exemplary reputation for customer service, professionalism, craftsmanship, and integrity. You can use the online form to request a free quote, or you can call us toll-free at 855-735-7623.

Benefits of Concrete Slabs

There are countless benefits to concrete slabs; check out the top 5 reasons why they are so important:

Pedestrian Safety

Sidewalks provide a safe environment for people on foot to navigate towns and cities.


Sidewalks are a big part of the aesthetics of a particular place, and a necessary addition for framing a road and making everything look perfect.

Structural Support

Concrete slabs offer support for heavier objects that might damage other surfaces or materials.


Concrete is durable, strong, and long-lasting, and are essential parts of the urban landscape, crucial for your project.

Value for Money

Concrete offers good value for the money due to how strong and resilient it is, and concrete sidewalks and slabs can last decades if properly maintained.

Contact 3-D Paving and Sealcoating today to get a quote for your Concrete Slab needs.

Contact 3-D Paving and Sealcoating today to get a quote for your Concrete Slab needs.