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Paver brick cul-de-sac recently installed in a South Florida residential community in Parkland, FL in March of 2023.
Parking Lot Services

Paver Brick Paving: The Ideal Solution for Your Residential Community or Commercial Project

When it comes to the residential communities or commercial paving projects we serve, durability,  aesthetics and curb appeal are key considerations when choosing what type of paving you need. That’s why more and more South Florida communities and businesses are turning to paver brick or brick paving as a go-to viable solution. Not only are they durable, but they also add a stylish touch to your project and increase curb appeal. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of paver brick paving and how 3-D Paving can help with all your commercial paving needs anywhere in South Florida.

Get a quote now for commercial asphalt, asphalt paving, repairs, parking lots, sealcoating, striping and concrete services from South Florida's Pavement Experts, 3-D Paving of Coral Springs, FL. Join us for frequently asked question (FAQ) about 3-D Paving and their services!


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Custom 10-inch concrete curbs being formed by South Florida's trusted concrete company near me.
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How to find the best concrete company near me

From all aspects of high quality concrete flatwork to root damage mitigation and general concrete repairs, our experienced and knowledgeable team has the expertise you need for a cost effective solution. We are committed to providing top notch service, fast turnarounds, and minimal disruption to traffic at your property. Contact us today and let our team get you a free quote and consultation!

Overhead view of newly repaired asphalt parking lot. Parking lot repair experts.
Asphalt Paving in Boca Raton Florida

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Parking Lot Repairs

One of the first things a potential client sees when visiting your property or community is your parking lots and roadways. In many cases, your parking accommodations can go a long way to forming a first impression. Let’s be honest, if you are pulling up to look at a new house and the community’s pavements look like Stalingrad during WWII, you won’t necessarily form the best impression. In a world where first impressions can be everything, parking lot repairs are essential in maintaining the curb appeal, safety and overall value of your property.

Asphalt vs concrete: which is the better route for your next pavement project 2023.

Asphalt vs. Concrete: Which is the Better Pavement Choice for your commercial paving project in 2023?

In this article, we’ll compare the two materials in terms of durability, maintenance, environmental impact and of course, the average costs associated with each, to help you determine which is the better choice for your commercial property or project in South Florida. Further than that, we will outline different types of jobs like roadway, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and more.