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Paver Bricks South Florida

For almost as long as humans have been making bricks, they have been using them in various paving projects. However, modern paving bricks bear only a superficial similarity to those used in ancient times.

What Are Paver Bricks?

Modern paver bricks are made from vitrified clay, which means that they are shaped, placed in a kiln, and subjected to intense heat. The heat turns the clay and the minerals it contains to a liquid. When they are cooled, the result is hard bricks that are almost indestructible, impervious to water, and economical to produce. Although some people mistake the brick-shaped concrete pavers for paving bricks, true paving bricks must be made from clay. Concrete pavers are entirely different products.

What Are the Benefits of Using Paver Bricks?

Whether used for a driveway, incorporated into a landscape, installed beside a swimming pool, or for an eye-catching walkway, paver bricks offer a number of advantages.

1. Paver bricks are extremely versatile. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be used to create a virtually infinite number of designs and patterns. Whether you want a formal herringbone pattern, an pattern that makes an artistic statement, or an avant-garde pattern, you can create the look that you want.

2. Paver bricks are remarkably durable. They can withstand pressure, weight, and traffic much better than other options. For example, concrete pavers are much more prone to cracking than brick pavers. Paver bricks are also nearly impervious to ground movement, which is not the case with concrete pavers.

3. Paver bricks are environmentally sound. Clay is an abundant natural resource that is kinder to the environment than artificial materials that must be manufactured.

4. Paver bricks require almost no maintenance. Their natural colors do not need to be artificially enhanced, and the color will not fade. Furthermore, paver bricks are virtually impossible to stain. About the only routine maintenance needed is an occasional sweeping or a quick rinse with a water hose to remove dirt or dead vegetation.

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5. Paver bricks provide superior protection against slipping. Even when paver bricks are wet, their surfaces have a slight texture that helps prevent people from slipping and falling, making them an excellent choice around in pool areas as well as for walkways and driveways.

6. Paver bricks are more cost-effective than most other options. They have a lower initial cost, and, in the unlikely event that one is damaged, it is very economical to have it removed and replaced.

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The Benefits of Installing Paver Bricks

Very Durable

The durability of paver bricks exceeds that of most other products used for the same purpose. They don’t have the tendency to crack like concrete pavers, for instance.

Low Maintenance

As durable as they are, paver bricks need very little maintenance and are much more cost-effective

They’re Non-Slip

Slip resistant and skid resistant, paver bricks can be a safer option for pedestrians thanks to their naturally textured surface.

Environmentally Friendly

Natural clay materials harvested from the Earth are greener than other materials that have to be artificially produced.

Super Versatile

There are plenty of combinations of paver brick styles and layouts providing infinite flexibility. As such, they make it easy to get the precise look that you want.

Contact 3-D Paving and Sealcoating today to get a quote for your Brick Paver needs.

Contact 3-D Paving and Sealcoating today to get a quote for your Brick Paver needs.