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Concrete Ramps

Concrete Ramps installation, repair and modifications for ADA compliance in South Florida

3-D Paving and Sealcoating in Coral Springs, FL, specializes in installing, repairing and maintaining concrete ramps for commercial and residential properties. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to providing quality workmanship that ensures ADA compliance and meets all necessary requirements. We understand the importance of having safe, accessible concrete ramps in order to increase accessibility for those with physical disabilities.

Our experts have decades of experience dealing with a variety of different ramp types including straight, curved, switchback or manual wheelchair accessible stairs. Concrete ramps are built with precision and attention to detail to ensure proper function and ease of use. Safety features such as non-slip and detectable warning mat surfaces are also incorporated into each ramp design to provide an extra layer of protection.

What Factors Are Considered When Designing a Concrete Ramp?

Concrete ramps for ADA compliance and modification needs. Commercial concrete contractor 3-D Paving of Coral Springs, FL installs ADA compliant wheelchair and handicap accessible concrete ramps.

The first consideration should be the purpose of the ramp. For example, ramps that need to comply with the ADA guidelines for accessibility must meet certain requirements for slope, width, run length, and texture. The slope is a representation of the change in elevation between the starting and ending points, and it is calculated by dividing the difference in elevation by the ramp’s horizontal length. A run can be an entire ramp, but it is commonly used to describe the individual sections of a ramp that changes direction or is interrupted by flat platforms. As a rule, ramps and runs with steep slopes require more effort to transfer loads.

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Therefore, an ADA-compliant ramp needs to have less slope than a ramp that will be used exclusively by forklifts. The second consideration of importance is the weight that the ramp will need to support. A pedestrian ramp, for example, does not need to be as strong as a ramp that is constantly subjected to truck traffic.

Let Us Install the Right Ramps for Your Purposes

At 3-D Paving & Sealcoating, we offer an extensive range of concrete services, including the installation of concrete ramps, concrete parking lots, concrete gutters, concrete slabs, concrete sidewalks, and concrete curbing. Our asphalt services include asphalt overlays, asphalt sealcoating, asphalt paving, and asphalt milling. We also offer pavement markings and parking lot striping, speed bumps, paver bricks, thermoplastic line striping, reflective pavement markers, concrete grinding, bollard installation, ADA compliance assistance, and drainage solutions. Our customer base includes homeowners, health care facilities, shopping malls, HOAs, apartment complexes, commercial property managers, restaurants, condominiums, and educational facilities. We are known for the exceptional quality of our work, our exemplary customer service, and our reasonable prices. If you are interested in having us provide you with a free quote, call 855-735-ROAD, fill out the online form, or email Info@3-DPaving.com.

Benefits of Concrete Ramps & Steps

Knowing the benefits of concrete ramps and steps is really important as a business or property owner, and these are the top 5:

More Customers

Better access means a greater appeal to a wider range of customers and the general public.


Durable and will stand up to wear and tear, the elements, and regular use.

Cost Effective

Minimal maintenance makes this a hugely important asset to your project.

ADA Compliency

Affordable option for wheelchair access, which is important for ADA compliance.

Landscape Friendly

Simple to make them blend in with surroundings, meaning they are adaptable and complement the immediate area.

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