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Office Parks

Whether they manage large office parks or single buildings, property managers bear many responsibilities. They are held accountable by property owners or stakeholders for protecting the value of the real estate they manage, and they are held accountable by their tenants for the safety, curb appeal, and maintenance of the property. To paraphrase a famous quote popularized by President Harry Truman, the buck stops with you, which means that you are responsible for every facet of the operation, including the condition of the pavements on your property.

Why Does the Condition of the Pavements in Office Parks Matter?

Firstly, office parks rely on tenants for revenue. If tenants are ashamed of the condition of the pavements in their office park, they feel embarrassed in front of their clients or customers. When that happens, they tend to either begin to make excessive, unrelated demands, or they move out as soon as their leases expire. Replacing a tenant can cost you thousands of dollars, and you may not attract the best, most stable replacements if your property does not make a good first impression. Secondly, neglected pavements will need to be completely reconstructed long before they should have required replacement, and the frequency and cost of repairing them in the meantime will far exceed the expense of maintaining them properly. Lastly, if tenants, their customers, or their employees incur vehicle damage or a physical injury, you could potentially become embroiled in a civil suit for their expenses. No matter how you figure it, neglected pavements will have a negative impact on the profitability of the property.

What Are Some Typical Paving Services Needed by Office Parks?

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The services that you might need will depend on the size, type, age, and complexity of your pavements. We frequently receive requests from office parks for the following services.

  • Asphalt Sealcoating: Sealcoating is an economical procedure that is an extremely effective way to prevent damage to asphalt pavements, enhance their appearance, and increase their traction.
  • Parking Lot Striping: A properly striped and marked parking lot will be safer, ADA-compliant, and more attractive.
  • Concrete Repairs: Uplifted slabs, broken curbs, and cracked sidewalks present tripping hazards that could physically injure pedestrians.
  • Parking Lot Signs: Office parks with multiple buildings can make navigation easier through properly located, well-mounted Furthermore, certain signs are mandatory to comply with the ADA, municipal building codes, or local fire codes.
  • Asphalt Repairs: Prevent additional pavement damage and reduce the potential for injuries and vehicle damage by mending cracks, potholes, and other breaks promptly.
  • ADA Compliance: The ADA is a complex set of regulations issued by the federal government. However, in Florida, some cities and counties have regulations that exceed those of the ADA.
  • Concrete Gutters and Curbs: Curbing and gutters channel runoff safely away from buildings, parking lots, and other pavements.
  • Speed Bumps: If you want to control the rate at which vehicles drive through your office park, speed bumps can often provide the incentive drivers need to slow down.
  • Asphalt Overlay: Also known as resurfacing, this procedure can be a more economical way to rejuvenate a pavement than a total reconstruction.

We also offer asphalt paving, concrete grinding, paver bricks, asphalt milling, drainage repairs, site development, bollard installation, reflective pavement markings, concrete parking lot construction, and thermoplastic line striping.

If you manage an office park or building, you can trust 3-D Paving to provide you with high-quality work at competitive rates. We are known for our integrity, customer service, professionalism, and craftsmanship. For a free quote, you can either submit your request online by filling out our form or calling 855-735-7623.

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