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Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps South Florida

Over the years, a variety of methods have been developed to force drivers to slow down. Some measures proved to be ineffective, too costly, or simply too bizarre. Other measures resulted in unintentional injuries to drivers and their passengers, or they caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in property damage, pedestrian injuries, and collisions. One traffic-calming device that has stood the test of time is the humble speed bump.

What Is a Speed Bump?

A speed bump is an aggressive method of forcing drivers to reduce their speeds to less than 10 mph to traverse the obstruction without potentially damaging their vehicles. Speed bumps are most suitable for parking lots and other areas in which the speed limit is under 15 mph. Typically, speed bumps are constructed from asphalt, and they may be painted or marked to draw attention to their presence. Because of the low speed at which speed bumps can be safely driven across, they are not ideal for streets with a heavy volume of traffic or speed limits greater than 25 mph. There are variations of the standard speed bump, notably speed humps and speed cushions, that are suitable for other applications.

What Is a Speed Hump?

Speed humps are typically not as high or narrow as standard speed bumps. This makes them a less-aggressive method that has less impact on the flow of traffic. However, speed humps typically require drivers to slow their speeds to less than 20 or 25 mph, so they are not ideal for high-speed public thoroughfares. Although speed humps are sometimes used in parking lots, they are more common near playgrounds, parks, and school crossings.

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What Is a Speed Cushion?

One reason that citizens object to speed bumps is that fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles can take longer to reach their destination. In some cases, a delay of 10 or 20 seconds can mean that help does not arrive in time to extinguish a house fire before it spreads or to provide life-saving medical assistance. Speed cushions were designed to prevent such delays. They are essentially speed humps that have been modified to allow ambulances, fire trucks, and other vehicles with wide wheelbases to straddle them, thereby avoiding potential delays. Speed cushions are frequently found in subdivisions, apartment complexes, and office parks along the designated emergency-response routes.

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Benefits of Speed Bumps

Speed Reduction

The primary function of a speed bump is to force drivers to slow down. This makes them an effective safety feature in parking lots, school zones, and near crosswalks.

Alter Traffic Flow

Given a choice between a street without speed bumps and one with them, most drivers will choose the bump-free route. Speed bumps encourage drivers to take the other route, which keeps your area quieter, less congested, and safer.

Protect Pedestrians

The slower a vehicle is moving, the more time pedestrians have to recognize the potential danger and react to it. This makes speed bumps especially beneficial near playgrounds, crosswalks, and schools.

Discourage Short-Cutters

Drivers tend to choose the shortest distance between two points. If your street or parking lot allows drivers to cut across from one major thoroughfare to another, your pavement could be subjected to much more wear and tear, but speed bumps can discourage drivers from taking the shorter route.

Reduce Accidents

Studies have shown that adding speed bumps to existing streets can reduce accident rates by as much as 39%. Furthermore, the injuries suffered in the crashes dropped by up to 46%.

Discourage Recklessness

When speed bumps are present, they discourage reckless driving behaviors. People who want to burn rubber, practice their donuts, or engage in other unsafe driving behaviors will be more likely to choose a bump-free location.

Contact 3-D Paving & Sealcoating today to get a quote for your next Speed Bump project.

Contact 3-D Paving & Sealcoating today to get a quote for your next Speed Bump project.