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Well-striped parking lots reassure your visitors, tenants, and employees that they can park in a safe, orderly environment. Without striping, drivers can park wherever they want; taking up more space than needed or encroaching on travel aisles that block necessary emergency lanes. If your striping and pavement markings do not comply with local codes or the ADA, you could incur fines. Furthermore, you could be sued if someone suffers an injury or damages their vehicle due to the lack of proper pavement markings and striping.

Why Is Parking Lot Striping Important?

A well-striped parking lot offers the reassurance that it is a safe, orderly environment. It also conveys the impression that you pay attention to details, care about the people using your parking lot, and comply with local and federal codes for fire safety and accessibility. Furthermore, well-defined spaces help you fit more vehicles into your parking lot. Without striping, drivers will be inclined to park however they want, paying little regard to the angle of parking, leaving excessive room between cars, and potentially blocking emergency lanes or travel aisles. Professional striping can also help protect you from potential liabilities and fines if your lot does not comply with the ADA, if someone is injured as a result of your inadequate striping, or if the lack of striping results in damage to a vehicle or other property.

How Often Should I Stripe My Parking Lot?

On average, parking lots need fresh striping every 18 to 24 months. However, some businesses need to be striped annually, and other parking lots can go more than three years between applications. Here are a few tips to help you determine whether it is time to refresh your parking lot striping.

1. You should plan to have fresh striping applied after you sealcoat your parking lot. Sealcoating obscures painted markings, so you might want to have us provide you with a quote for both procedures.

2. To serve any useful purpose, drivers must be able to see your stripes. If your stripes are damaged, worn, or peeling, you should call us to correct the issue. Furthermore, once the visibility of the paint has been reduced by more than 25% of its original clarity, you need fresh striping.

3. If complaints from your tenants or customers about dented doors, cars taking up more than one space, or cars parking so close that drivers are having trouble getting into their vehicles have increased recently, the problem may be worn or faded striping.

4. If you observe an increase in the number of vehicles that are parked at an incorrect angle, parked too far forward or too far back in the space, or parked so that they encroach on the access aisles adjacent to handicapped spaces, you may need new parking lot striping.

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Parking Lot Striping installation by 3-D Paving at a parking lot in Tamarac, FL.

Benefits of Striping

These are 5 of the key benefits of striping, and what makes them so essential:

Improves Efficiency

Improves efficiency as drivers properly space their cars when parking while still allowing pedestrian traffic.

Road Safety

Increases safety as road users and pedestrians can easily determine where parking spaces and crosswalks start and end, as well as the direction of traffic flow.

Reduces Liability

Reduces the risk of liability because people can’t point to faded parking stripes as a reason for personal injuries or accidents.

Look Fresh & New

Maintains and revitalizes visual aesthetics because it makes the road, sidewalk, or parking lot look fresh and new. These markings play an important role in helping to boost curb appeal.

Vehicle Distancing

Helps space out cars when they are parked and prevents issues with doors hitting other vehicles when opened.

Contact 3-D Paving & Sealcoating today to get a quote for your next Parking Lot Striping  project.

Contact 3-D Paving & Sealcoating today to get a quote for your next Parking Lot Striping  project.