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Four Factors to Consider Before Asphalt Sealcoating in S. Florida

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Four Factors to Consider Before Asphalt Sealcoating in S. FloridaIf you have an asphalt pavement, you can help it last longer and look better by sealcoating it periodically. A professionally applied sealcoat will screen out the damaging UV rays emitted by the sun, and it will also help protect against damage from automotive fluids. Sealcoating is also an effective cosmetic treatment that restores the color that your asphalt pavement had when it was first installed. Because sealcoating must evaporate the water that they contain, they are notoriously sensitive to environmental conditions that can affect the rate of evaporation. These conditions include the temperature, humidity, wind velocity, and sunlight, so these are the four factors that contractors must consider before beginning to apply asphalt sealcoating in S. Florida.

Why Do Contractors Consider the Temperature Before Starting an Asphalt Sealcoating Application?

The companies that manufacture products for sealcoating conduct extensive research to determine the best conditions for applying them. If the temperature of the pavement or the air is lower than around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, evaporation is slowed, which can affect how well the sealcoat cures. However, at temperatures above 90 degrees or so, the water in the sealcoat can evaporate too quickly, which can prevent the formation of a strong bond between the sealcoat and the pavement. When the temperature is borderline, commercial paving maintenance contractors usually consider whether any of the other three factors will help or hinder the success of the application.

Why Is the Humidity a Factor for Sealcoating in S. Florida?

The relative humidity is an important factor that asphalt maintenance contractors must consider for sealcoating applications. When the air above the pavement is saturated with moisture, the water molecules in the sealcoating will have trouble escaping. As a result, the rate of evaporation can be slowed down dramatically. Most asphalt paving contractors will not attempt to sealcoat if the humidity level exceeds approximately 90%, but they often successfully complete applications when the humidity is well above 75%. However, they will consider the other factors that can raise or lower the rate of evaporation, including the temperature, sunlight, and wind speed.

Why Does an Asphalt Paving Company Consider the Wind When Sealcoating Pavements?

When the air above the pavement is very still, moisture that has escaped from the sealcoating can quickly saturate the air. A light breeze helps move the saturated air away so that more water molecules can escape. This is especially important on cool or humid days.

Why Does Sunlight Matter for Asphalt Sealcoating in S. Florida?

Sunlight generates heat, which can help expedite evaporation as well as ensure proper curing of the sealcoating. Furthermore, asphalt contractors often need to complete multiple tasks on a sealcoating job. For example, they may need to make paving repairs, apply two coats of sealant, and repaint the stripes and markings. On days that are heavily overcast, the drying time of both the sealant and the paint can be extended. This can extend the length of time your pavement must remain closed, but it could also prevent the contractor from completing all tasks in a single day.

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Four Factors to Consider Before Asphalt Sealcoating in S. Florida


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