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Asphalt Resurfacing: What Is Edge Milling?

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Asphalt Resurfacing: What Is Edge Milling?When the paving company finished constructing your asphalt pavement, you were probably delighted with its smooth, dark surface. As time progressed, you became more aware of its safety benefits, its economical repairs, and the speed at which routine maintenance procedures could be completed. For many years, you have done your best to keep your pavement healthy and attractive. Now, however, your pavement has started to show evidence of its age. Although it is basically still structurally sound, the appearance of your pavement leaves much to be desired. It has been repaired numerous times, and there are some rough patches on the surface. The curb appeal of your property is being negatively impacted by the condition of your pavement, but the thought of the money and inconvenience involved in removing and rebuilding it makes you cringe. You might not realize that asphalt resurfacing could potentially be faster and less expensive, but you want to make sure that your contractor includes edge milling in the project.

What Is Asphalt Resurfacing?

An asphalt overlay is the placement of several courses of new pavement on top of an existing one, and when an overlay is installed on top of an existing asphalt pavement, it is known as resurfacing. South Florida asphalt paving contractors usually start by using an asphalt milling machine to grind away a predetermined thickness of the existing pavement; the thickness is typically less than three inches. After milling, the paving contractor rebuilds the pavement to replace what was removed.

What Is Edge Milling?

Paving South Florida properties often requires installing a number of supplemental features, including manhole covers, gutters, curbs, and catch basins. It is also quite likely that there will be pavements or driveways that connect to the pavement that the paving contractor is constructing. If an asphalt paving company were to install an overlay without considering the transitions and supplemental features, drivers would have a bumpy ride, and pedestrians could be injured if they trip over a sunken feature or uneven transition. Edge milling is a type of asphalt milling that a street or parking lot paving company can use specifically around concrete or metal fixtures to ensure that all features are kept at their proper elevations.

How Do I Tell Whether My Pavement Is Suitable for Asphalt Resurfacing?

The best way to determine the feasibility of resurfacing your pavement is to ask a reputable asphalt paving company to inspect your pavement. Naturally, you will want to collect quotes from at least three South Florida asphalt paving contractors before making a final decision. In the meantime, here are two tips for determining whether you should consider resurfacing over rebuilding.

1. Is the foundation stable and strong? Foundations cannot be repaired without removing all layers of asphalt first. If more than approximately 25% of your foundation has been weakened or destabilized, resurfacing may not be the most cost-effective choice.
2. How much of your pavement needs to be repaired, and how deep does the damage go? If the damage is limited to the top two or three inches, asphalt milling should remove it. However, if the damage goes deeper, your asphalt paving company will need to make repairs after milling your pavement before an overlay can be installed. Resurfacing may not be cost-effective if deep pavement damage extends over more than about 30% of your pavement.

Since 2012, the experts at 3-D Paving have assisted South Florida commercial property owners and managers with their pavements. We offer a full range of asphalt and concrete services, including paving, parking lot striping, asphalt overlay, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot signage, concrete installation, asphalt repair, thermoplastic markings, concrete repairs, ADA compliance, bollard installations, reflective pavement markers, speed bumps, drainage repair, and site development. We are known for our commitment to exceptional workmanship and superb service. If you want to request a free quote, you can use our online form, call us toll-free at 855-735-7623, or email Info@3-DPaving.com.

Asphalt Resurfacing: What Is Edge Milling?


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