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Property Maintenance

Commercial Property Maintenance Experts 3-D Paving have you covered.

Work with one of the best & most trusted commercial asphalt paving contractors in Broward County, Lee County, Charlotte County, Martin County, St. Lucie County and Palm Beach County. 3-D Paving and Sealcoating puts their decades of experience, expertise and excellence  to work for you. 3-D Paving offers a myriad of Asphalt and Concrete Paving Services, Sealcoating and Concrete Construction Services like sidewalks, paths, ramps, slabs, curbs, gutters and so much more. New building project? Our expert team can assist you in every step of the process. Contact us today!

Looking for comprehensive property maintenance plans that cover all of your pavements both Asphalt & Concrete?

Property Maintenance Services from 3-D Paving and Sealcoating in Coral Springs, FL: Let 3-D Paving handle all of your properties Pavement needs. It’s the first thing most people notice when they arrive at your property, whether it’s a shopping center, an office building, or a residential community. Are you tired of dealing with potholes, deteriorating pavement and constant maintenance issues on your property? If so, then our property maintenance services are the perfect solution for all of your pavement needs. We understand that keeping up your property can be challenging, which is why we strive to provide the highest quality preventative solutions–from asphalt paving to crack sealing and seal coating –so you can keep it looking great for years to come! Let’s explore how our team of experienced professionals can help manage every aspect of pavement maintenance for an affordable price. Below are just some of the types of thing we can manage for your property. Have any questions, give our offices a call toll free 1-855-735-7623.


3-D Paving in Coral Springs are experts when it comes to ADA compliance and modifications. handles all the paving & concrete needs for churches and house of worship anywhere in South Florida.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was one of the most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation in the history of the United States. The ADA extended to handicapped individuals the right to have equal access to jobs, transportation, education, and all spaces that serve the general public. In 1990, the passage of the ADA left property owners scrambling to make their parking lots and buildings compliant. However, many people are not aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008, and other people do not realize that some local jurisdictions have enacted laws that exceed the requirements stated in the federal laws.


When most people think about drainage, their first thoughts are usually about runoff from a rainfall. Although South Florida typically gets its fair share of rain, drainage issues can be much more complex.

Commercial Paving contractor, 3-D Paving are experts in drainage and catch basins for parking lots and streets.


Installing paving bricks or brick pavers takes an expert touch and attention to detail. The commercial paving contractor 3-D Paving has decades of experience installing commercial pavers and brick driveways. Call the experts today!

For almost as long as humans have been making bricks, they have been using them in various paving projects. However, modern paving bricks bear only a superficial similarity to those used in ancient times.


Over the years, a variety of methods have been developed to force drivers to slow down. Some measures proved to be ineffective, too costly, or simply too bizarre. Other measures resulted in unintentional injuries to drivers and their passengers, or they caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in property damage, pedestrian injuries, and collisions. One traffic-calming device that has stood the test of time is the humble speed bump.

Commercial paving contractor, 3-D Paving and Sealcoating in Coral Springs installs double wide custom asphalt speed bumps at an apartment complex in Fort Myers, FL.


Bollard installation is a matter of safety and the experts at 3-D Paving in Coral Springs have decades of experience3 installing bollards and other parking lot fixtures. 3-D Paving is based in Coral Springs FL.

For centuries, bollards were only placed on docks and wharves to serve as mooring posts. During the 18th century, these vertical posts began to see use as protective devices in urban settings, especially in areas that featured narrow streets supporting large numbers of freight wagons and carriages. During the 1900s, bollards underwent significant transformations to become the ubiquitous posts that virtually everyone can identify. However, in recent decades, bollards have continued to evolve, new styles have appeared, and new uses have been found for them.