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Do You Trust Your Asphalt Paving Company?

The Commercial Parking Lot, Roadway and Walkway Paving Experts, 3-D Paving & Sealcoating in Coral, Springs, FL.

Work with one of the best & most trusted commercial asphalt paving contractors in Broward County, Lee County, Charlotte County, Martin County, St. Lucie County and Palm Beach County. 3-D Paving and Sealcoating puts their decades of experience, expertise and excellence to work for you. We offer a full line of commercial Asphalt and Concrete Paving Services as well as Sealcoating and Concrete Contractor Services like sidewalks, paths, ramps, slabs, curbs, gutters and so much more. Need ADA compliance help? Our expert team can assist you in every step of the process. Contact us today!

Reputable paving companies carry insurance policies for their own protection as well as the protection of their customers. There are three types of insurance policies that all asphalt contractors should carry.

Is the Asphalt Paving Company Fully Insured?

Reputable paving companies carry insurance policies for their own protection as well as the protection of their customers. There are three types of insurance policies that all asphalt contractors should carry. First, they should carry workers’ compensation insurance on every employee they will assign to work on your property. That way, should one of the contractor’s employees be injured on your site, you will not be expected to cover the employee’s medical expenses or lost wages. The second type of insurance the contractor should carry is a vehicle liability policy. There will be trucks and cars that belong to the contractor coming and going from your property. You want to be protected if one of the contractor’s vehicles is involved in an accident on your site. The third type of insurance that paving companies need is a high-limit general liability policy. This type of policy covers a multitude of eventualities, including damage to your neighbor’s property. In addition, it is always desirable if your Broward paving company carries an umbrella policy. Umbrella policies will pay for claims that are not covered by the other three policies, and they will also help cover claims that exceed the limits on the other policies. If a contractor cannot or will not provide you with proof of valid insurance policies, you should consider it a potential sign that the company may have something to hide.

What Experience Does the Asphalt Paving Company Have?

Whether you need asphalt maintenance, repair, or paving services, you want to hire a contractor with relevant experience. Ideal candidates will have successfully completed numerous jobs similar to what you need. You want someone who has experience using the procedures, materials, and techniques that your job will require, but you also want someone who has handled jobs similar to yours in terms of the scope. For example, an asphalt sealcoating contractor who has only applied sealant to residential driveways with a squeegee might be overwhelmed if asked to sealcoat a huge parking lot with a sprayer.

Does the Contractor Show Respect for You?

There are various ways that asphalt contractors can show that they respect their customers. When you schedule appointments for contractors to provide you with a quote, they should be on time; if they are delayed, they should contact you with an explanation and an apology. When you ask a question, they will not show annoyance or frustration, and they will not insult your intelligence by telling you that the answer is too complicated for you to understand. Trustworthy contractors welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge, and they will do so without resorting to baffling jargon or obscure terminology.

Family-Owned, Family-Operated 3-D Paving & Sealcoating Would Welcome the Opportunity to Assist You

We are an experienced, well-respected company serving hotels, HOAs, apartment complexes, warehouses, condos, and other types of commercial properties in South Florida with superior paving maintenance, repair, and installation services. Our services include asphalt repairs, asphalt overlays and paving, concrete grinding, thermoplastic line striping, concrete installation, parking lot striping, asphalt sealcoating, bollard installation, ADA compliance, speed bump installation, paver bricks, drainage solutions, and pavement markings. We are known for the exceptional quality of our work as well as for our exemplary customer service. You can submit your request for a free quote by completing the online form, calling 855-735-ROAD or 954-933-2053, or emailing Info@3-DPaving.com.

Talking all about paving and concrete, Asphalt Paving Contractor 3-D Paving us shows us a closeup profile picture of a 3/4" final lift of asphalt being laid at the Palm Aire Resedential Community in Pompano Beach. Trusted Paving Company by property managers and HOAs.


One of the hardest and most stressful parts of any construction project or renovation is finding contractors you can really TRUST. And in no place can that be more complicated then in South Florida. 3-D Paving, headquartered in Coral Springs, FL is a family owned and operated paving contractor that will always put integrity and quality first. Let us put our experience, expertise and excellence to work for you.

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