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What Is the Asphalt Paving Life Expectancy?

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What Is The Asphalt Paving Life Expectancy?  HTML view NoteAsphalt paving is a great choice for most commercial projects. It is more economical and faster to install than a comparable concrete pavement, and repairs are typically inexpensive and rapid as well. However, you are probably wondering how long a new asphalt pavement should last. Although the question may sound simple, it is a bit like asking how long a new car should last. If you purchase a new car, ignore the rules for breaking it in, and do not ever change its oil, the car will not last as long as an identical car purchased by someone who follows the rules for breaking it in and services it regularly. Your mileage matters; a car driven 100,000 miles annually will not have as long a life as one that is only driven 10,000 miles a year. Abuse can also affect a car’s life expectancy. If you fly over speed bumps, drive over wheel stops and curbs, or have multiple minor accidents, you can shorten the car’s life. Just like cars, asphalt pavements can have their lives shortened or lengthened by the care that they receive.

What Is the Average Life of Asphalt Paving?

The first thing you need to know is that not all pavements have identical life expectancies. For example, a mixed-use parking lot typically lasts 15 to 18 years, but one that only supports passenger vehicles frequently lasts 20 to 25 years. Busy interstate highways normally need an asphalt overlay about every 12 years, but a rural highway could last twice as long. In other words, the pavement’s use is part of the equation that an asphalt paving company will use to estimate the life of a new pavement. However, usage does not tell the entire story.

What Factors Affect the Life of Asphalt Paving?

In addition to use, the major factors are the speed with which repairs are made, the amount of maintenance the pavement receives, and the abuse the pavement receives.

1. Breaks in the pavement need to be repaired very quickly. Cracks and potholes let water, dirt, and automotive fluids into the structure of the pavement. This can lead to a weakened or destabilized foundation as well as damage to the paving asphalt that extends throughout all layers of the pavement. Little problems that would be quick and inexpensive to fix can turn into a costly repair, so resolve to have your South Florida asphalt paving contractor locate and repair any breaks every six months.
2. Routine maintenance can help lengthen the life of your asphalt pavement. One of the most effective maintenance procedures is asphalt sealcoating. Sealcoating shields your asphalt pavement from petroleum-based vehicle fluids, and it blocks ultraviolet radiation to prevent fading, drying, and oxidation. The pavement’s cleanliness also matters. Hire a professional sweeping service to remove trash, sand and gravel, grass clippings, and other debris from your commercial paving. Remove oil and other petrochemicals that vehicles have leaked on your pavement about every six months to prevent damage to both your pavement and your sealcoating.
3. Do not allow your pavement to be abused. Asphalt contractors engineer pavements to support traffic of certain types and weights, so subjecting a pavement to more or heavier vehicles can destroy a pavement. For example, if your commercial paving contractor designed a parking lot for passenger vehicles, you should not allow the neighboring business to park its heavy construction equipment on your lot. You should also avoid leaving stationary loads on your pavement for more than a few days, especially in the summer.

For the best in South Florida asphalt paving and maintenance, contact 3-D Paving. We have experienced employees who are specialists in their chosen trade, an impeccable reputation, and the ability to handle jobs of all sizes. Our client base includes resorts and hotels, car dealerships, healthcare facilities, banks, homeowner associations, universities, national chains, gas stations, restaurants, apartment complexes, retailers, houses of worship, warehouses, and golf courses. Our services include asphalt resurfacing and paving, parking lot striping, asphalt repair, pavement markings, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot signage, drainage repairs, paver bricks, thermoplastic markings, speed bumps, reflective pavement markers, and bollard installation, and we also install and repair concrete. To request a free quote, email Info@3-DPaving.com, submit our online form, or call 855-735-7623.

What Is The Asphalt Paving Life Expectancy?  HTML view Note


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