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Paving in the rain. Can Asphalt Paving Be Done in Rain?

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Can Asphalt Paving Be Done in the Rain?Asphalt is the leading choice for a wide variety of pavements throughout North America, and it has been for several decades. Asphalt is less expensive and faster to install than concrete, and it is visually appealing, requires little maintenance, and can last for many years if given the proper care. If you have decided to install an overlay or construct a new pavement, you may be wondering whether contractors can perform asphalt paving in the rain. The short answer is that they cannot.

Why Do Contractors Refuse to Perform Asphalt Paving in the Rain?

Whether they are installing an asphalt overlay or constructing a new pavement, paving companies rely on hot mix asphalt. As the name suggests, the asphalt is hot when it arrives at the site, typically around 325 degrees Fahrenheit. When performing asphalt paving South Florida contractors know that their crews must place and compact each layer of asphalt before it cools below 175 degrees or so; that is the point at which the asphalt can solidify and become impossible to compact. Whether they are performing asphalt resurfacing or new construction, the employees of the paving company will only have a few minutes to accomplish their tasks, and rain will expedite the asphalt’s cooling. Therefore, the strength, integrity, and longevity of the pavement can be severely compromised. Furthermore, if rain falls on hot asphalt, the surface can be left with cracks, holes, or other damage.

How Hard Does It Need to Rain Before a Contractor Will Delay  Paving?

Any experienced paving contractor South Florida customers should trust will monitor the weather forecasts very carefully. If the forecast calls for rain, most paving companies will delay the start of a new job. However, if the job is already in progress when the rain begins, their decision will be based on how heavy it is raining and how long it will last. A light, short-lived mist may not justify halting the work, but a heavier rain will almost always result in a postponement.

Can Paving Companies Resume Work Immediately After the Rain Stops?

It depends on how much rain fell, but contractors will typically wait until the surface has had time to dry thoroughly before resuming work. A light shower on a hot day will usually require a shorter wait than a heavy rain on a cool day. However, it is also important to remember that a heavy rainfall can leave the ground too saturated for work to continue immediately. Furthermore, a heavy rain the night before work commences can also leave the ground too saturated for a contractor to start a paving job.

Can Rain Delay All Paving Jobs Requiring Hot Mix Asphalt?

Whether contractors are performing a parking lot repair, patching a street, or installing an asphalt overlay, rain can force them to postpone their work. Naturally, they would prefer to serve their customers in all weather conditions, but the likelihood of a subpar job means that reputable contractors will not want to place hot asphalt in the rain.

Trust 3-D Paving for the High-Quality Asphalt Paving South Florida Customers Need

3-D Paving has 35 years of asphalt paving experience and has the expertise to deliver exceptional work and exemplary service. Our services include asphalt resurfacing and paving, sealcoating, parking lot striping, asphalt milling, thermoplastic markings, reflective pavement markers, parking lot signs, speed bump installation, drainage repairs, site development, bollard installation, and asphalt crack repair. We also install and repair concrete. If you would like to request a quote, you can fill out the online form, call 855-735-7623 or 954-933-2053, or email Info@3-DPaving.com.

Can Asphalt Paving Be Done in the Rain?


One of the hardest and most stressful parts of any construction project or renovation is finding contractors you can really TRUST. And in no place can that be more complicated then in South Florida. 3-D Paving, headquartered in Coral Springs, FL is a family owned and operated paving contractor that will always put integrity and quality first. Let us put our experience, expertise and excellence to work for you.

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