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Concrete contractor 3-D Paving excavates an old sidewalk damaged by tree roots.

Whether you are responsible for the paving services for your office park, municipality, college campus, homeowner association, shopping center, hotel, or other property, your pavement plan should include concrete sidewalks. Sidewalks provide safe pathways for pedestrians to follow as they move from one point to another. At least, sidewalks are supposed to be safe pathways. A poorly constructed or neglected sidewalk can often present hazards to unsuspecting pedestrians.


You may not have noticed, but concrete slabs are everywhere. They are the pads that surround commercial dumpsters, specifically engineered to support the weight of the collection trucks. They form the foundation of many modern homes, offices, and stores. Residential patios and garage floors are typically concrete slabs, and many people install concrete slabs for their garden sheds, workshops, and storage buildings. At the most basic level, you could say that any flat, horizontal plane cast from concrete is a slab. Given their popularity, it is not surprising that you can find numerous videos online that purport to show you how easy it is to install a concrete slab yourself. Not surprisingly, these posters do not provide follow-up videos that show what happens to the slab after two or three years.

Concrete contractor 3-D Paving installs a complete concrete parking lot at the LOWE'S facility in Pompano Beach, FL.


Commercial concrete contractor 3-D Paving installs new concrete curbs.

Concrete curbs can be used for a variety of reasons, and curbing frequently serves more than one function. For example, curbs can add aesthetic appeal by giving the property a finished, formal appearance. Curbing can define property boundaries, protect landscaping, or prevent careless drivers from traveling where they should not go. Curbs can help keep runoff from the pavement confined to a gutter or other channel so that the water can be safely directed to a storm drain or other receptacle. However, because curbs can serve so many different functions, it is important to select the correct style and size to provide the benefits that you desire.


Water is an essential resource for all forms of life on this planet, but it is a formidable enemy of pavements of all types. It does not matter whether your paving material is asphalt or concrete, whether the pavement in question is a parking lot or a street, or whether your contractor used the best materials and techniques when constructing your pavement. Water can lead to premature deterioration of the paving material, erode the foundation underneath your pavement, and present a host of other problems to drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Concrete gutters can help you preserve the safety and integrity of your pavement.

Concrete Contractor 3-D Paving installed new concrete gutters on a residential street in Tamarac, FL. Experts in concrete gutters, curbs and more.


Commercial concrete contractor 3-D Paving of Coral Springs, FL installs ADA compliant wheelchair and handicap accessible concrete ramps.

Historians believe that ramps were one of the earliest construction techniques mastered by humans. Although the issue is far from resolved, there is some evidence that ramps were used as far back as the construction of Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. There is historical documentation of ramps being used for portage more than 2,000 years ago, and ramps were relatively commonplace means for attackers to gain access to a walled city or other fortified position. Today, ramps have become so ubiquitous that most people seldom give them a second glance.


Some pavement-related procedures are familiar to most people. For instance, even if they do not know all of the details, almost everyone understands the basic concepts of parking lot striping, asphalt paving, and road markings. However, concrete grinding is a procedure that is unfamiliar to many people who are not involved in the paving industry.

Commercial Concrete contractor 3-D Paving out of Coral Springs offers concrete grinding services to remove trip hazards on sidewalks, walkways and other concrete applications.


Concrete has always been a popular choice for the construction of parking lots in South Florida. The weather in the area has a lot to do with the popularity of concrete. During the summer months, concrete reflects heat efficiently, which helps to reduce the urban heat island effect. During the winter months, concrete pavements are not subjected to the repeated freezing and thawing cycles experienced in states that typically see extremely cold temperatures. Concrete parking lots can also have very long lives, allowing businesses to maximize their return on their paving investments. However, if you want an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting concrete parking lot, you need to hire a reputable contractor with the experience, staffing, and equipment to deliver high-quality work.