Thermoplastic & R.P.M.s

Thermoplastic & R.P.M.s​​​ Installation Services South Florida

What are Thermoplastic & R.P.M.s?

Thermoplastic pavement markings, and reflective pavement markers (R.P.Ms), are found on streets and highways to help drivers.

These markings are used to give road users instructions, and they are designed to be reflective, so they are easily visible at night. Reflective pavement markers are commonly found in the middle of roads to indicate lane separation, on the sides of roads to indicate boundaries, and in front of fire hydrants to alert emergency personnel.

Why You Need It

There are plenty of reasons why R.P.M.s and Thermoplastic are essential on the roads, but one of the most important reasons is safety. Driving at night can be hazardous even to the most experienced motor vehicle operator. Thermoplastic pavement markings and reflective pavement markers make it clear and obvious to drivers where they should be and lets them know of potential hazards that might lie ahead.

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Benefits of Thermoplastic & R.P.M.s

Understand that there are plenty of benefits to having these road markings, and here are 5 of the most important ones!

Road Safety

Safety is the main benefit when it comes to thermoplastic road markings. They can be seen at night and under poor weather conditions.


Durability is also an important part of the road marking infrastructure, and thermoplastic markings last a long time and can improve skid resistance. 

A Range of Applications

They offer a diverse range of applications, as these markings can be used for roads and parking lots, but also for bicycle lanes, bus lanes, and disabled parking spaces. 


Thermoplastic pavement markings & R.P.M.s are cost-effective due to the fact that they are low-maintenance and long-lasting. 

Minimal Downtime

The speed with which these markings can be applied makes them efficient and effective when it comes to improving the roads.  

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