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Sporting Facilities

In the broadest terms, sporting facilities are venues that allow spectators to watch an event or sporting competition. Sports venues can include stadiums, areas, baseball parks, and racetracks. Some sites have pavements inside the venue, but most venues require massive pavements to give spectators a place to park their vehicles. Code-compliant ramps, sidewalks, gutters, and other pavements may also be needed. Regardless of the type of venue for which you are responsible, 3-D Paving has the expertise to help you ensure that your facility pavements are ready for your season.

Why Do the Pavements at Sporting Facilities Matter?

Typically, sports venues do not operate on a daily basis. Instead, most of them receive massive amounts of traffic on the day of a game or event, then they receive little or no traffic for a week or more. Periods of heavy, intense traffic place pavements under concentrated, short-term pressure that can create unusual wear patterns and inflict damage. Therefore, keeping your pavements properly maintained and repaired is important to get the longevity you would like. In addition, you want to avoid any potential liabilities for damaged vehicles or injured people that might be related to flaws in one of your pavements. Lastly, people will be less likely to visit your facility if they fear that your pavements are unsafe for them or their vehicles.

How Should the Managers of Sporting Facilities Prioritize Their Pavement Budgets?

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Regardless of the industry in which they are engaged, we recommend prioritizing timely repairs and routine maintenance procedures when creating a budget for pavement care. Although your needs could vary, we typically recommend the following procedures for most sporting facilities.

  • Asphalt repairs to mend potholes and cracks can help you make your pavement safer, but timely repairs can help prevent damage to the pavement and the foundation that gives it its flexibility and Repairs should be made as quickly as possible, but open breaks should not be ignored for more than five or six months if you want to avoid more extensive, potentially more expensive damage.
  • Concrete repairs are needed for the same reasons that you need asphalt repairs, but the nature of the repairs is typically Although concrete can crack, it is more likely that slabs will tilt up or down at joints, or the slabs could shift horizontally. Misaligned slabs are hazardous, but they can also leave your pavement in violation of ADA guidelines.
  • Pavement markings and parking lot striping can help maintain order, assist drivers in the navigation of your lot, help you comply with the ADA, and add to the aesthetic appeal of your property.
  • Bollards are often used to protect structures from damage, but they are also effective barriers to keep vehicles from being driven into areas where they could endanger people.
  • Asphalt sealcoating is not an expensive procedure, but it is remarkably effective at preventing pavement damage. It also makes the pavement darker in color, gives it a smoother appearance, and improves traction.
  • Asphalt overlays are new layers of asphalt that are placed over existing An overlay can mimic the appearance of a newly rebuilt pavement, but overlays are considerably less expensive.
  • Asphalt milling is a versatile procedure that can grind away as much or as little of an existing pavement as needed. Often used in conjunction with overlaying, milling can also be used to fix some drainage issues, eliminate bumpy transitions between pavements, and repair certain types of pavement damage.

In addition to the above services, we can install parking lot signs and speed bumps, construct concrete parking lots and ramps, install reflective pavement markers and thermoplastic line striping, assist with your ADA compliance, and install concrete slabs, sidewalks, gutters, and curbs. We also offer concrete grinding, asphalt paving, drainage repairs, paver bricks, and site development.

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