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Retirement Communities

When many retirees downsize or relocate, they choose to buy or lease in a community specifically designed for people over the age of 55. Prior to the 1950s, the concept of entire communities that were dedicated to providing seniors with all the amenities and necessities that they wanted or needed was basically unknown in America. Today, there are retirement communities scattered all across the nation that offer seniors an opportunity to be as active as they want, socialize with others of a similar age, and enjoy a peaceful environment. However, to take full advantage of the benefits of living in an age-restricted community, seniors need pavements that are properly maintained.

What Is So Important About the Pavements in Retirement Communities?

All communities need to provide residents with safe pavements, but safety becomes even more important when every resident is at least 55 years old. Some of them may have mobility issues, but they still want to remain physically active by riding bikes, walking, attending functions at the community clubhouse, jogging, or swimming in the community pool. Others may rely on motorized scooters, electric wheelchairs, or other mobility aids. At any age, but as residents grow older, tripping hazards have the potential to cause falls that could result in broken bones, dislocated joints, head injuries, or severe bruising. Furthermore, retirees want and deserve an aesthetically pleasing environment. Uneven sidewalks, potholes in streets, and other forms of damage can make pavements both unsightly and unsafe.

What Are Some Essential Paving Services for Retirement Communities?

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Depending on the age of the pavements, the paving material chosen, and the amenities provided by the community, a retirement community may need a variety of paving services.

  • Concrete repairs can address uplifted, shifted, sunken, or broken slabs of pavement.
  • Asphalt repairs can mend alligator cracks, potholes, and other breaks to make pavements safer as well as prevent additional structural damage due to water penetration.
  • Asphalt overlays can be a very cost-effective way to get more years of service from a damaged or worn-out pavement.
  • Asphalt sealcoating is a highly effective and economical way to protect pavements from UV rays and other elements that can inflict damage and fade the color of the pavement.
  • Asphalt milling can eliminate rough transitions between connecting pavements, and it can correct certain types of drainage issues and pavement damage.
  • Speed bumps on residential streets can force drivers to slow down, allowing pedestrians more time to recognize potential threats and avoid them.
  • Parking lot striping provides guidance to drivers, contributes to ADA compliance, and makes the pavement more attractive
  • Pavement markings can provide important information, and they can help ensure compliance with the ADA and local ordinances.

We offer all of the above services to clients throughout South Florida. We also offer parking lot signage, asphalt paving, thermoplastic line striping, bollard installations, site development, concrete grinding, paver bricks, ADA compliance assistance, drainage repairs, and the installation of concrete gutters, sidewalks, curbing, concrete parking lots, ramps, and slabs.

In addition to retirement communities, we also provide our services to homeowner associations, houses of worship, restaurants, condominiums, assisted living facilities, colleges and universities, banks, hospitals and medical centers, car dealerships, big box retailers, apartment complexes, gas stations, storage centers, hotels and motels, sporting facilities, shopping centers and malls, warehouses, office parks, country clubs, and golf courses.

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