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For some people, dining out is a necessity, but for others, it is a treat. Whether restaurants have a drive-thru lane or valet parking, are part of a major chain or family-owned operations, or are open eight hours a day or never close, the condition of the pavements surrounding the structure can help attract and retain customers. At 3-D Paving, we routinely help all types of dining establishments with their pavement installation, repair, and maintenance needs.

Why Should Restaurants Pay Attention to Their Pavements?

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of curb appeal when customers are deciding whether to patronize a restaurant, and pavements are an important part of your overall curb appeal. If your pavements are damaged, hazardous, or unsightly, people may question how much attention you pay to more serious issues, including the quality of your ingredients and the cleanliness of your kitchen. Furthermore, most customers do not want to run an obstacle course to travel from their vehicles to your entrance. They do not want to trip over a pothole or an uplifted section of concrete, and they do not want to abuse their vehicles by driving over pavement damage. In addition, you are legally required to take certain steps to make your restaurant accessible to all, and the ADA has an extensive section on parking lots, sidewalks, and ramps.

What Paving Services Are Frequently Requested by Restaurants?

As a full-service paving company, we receive requests for a wide variety of concrete and asphalt services, including those appearing on the following list.

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  • Concrete Installation: Dumpster pads, sidewalks, and ADA-compliant ramps are often requested by all types of dining establishments.
  • Asphalt Repairs: No restaurant wants a guest to be injured or damage their vehicles because of a pothole or other pavement hazard.
  • Parking Lot Striping: If your guests park their own vehicles, they need the guidance provided by striped stalls and pavement markings.
  • Asphalt Sealcoating: Sealcoating enhances traction, makes the pavement more visually appealing, and helps prevent damage to the pavement and its supporting foundation.
  • Concrete Repairs: A misaligned or broken slab can present a hazard to pedestrians and vehicles alike
  • Bollard Installation: Bollards can prevent cars from intentionally or inadvertently striking your building, enhancing safety for both your patrons and your employees.
  • Asphalt Overlay: Overlays cost a fraction of what it would cost to tear out and reconstruct a pavement, but the differences in function and appearance are negligible negligible.

Does 3-D Paving Serve Other Sectors?

We offer our services to virtually every sector, including hotels and motels, car dealerships, retailers, HOAs, health care facilities, condos and apartment complexes, sporting facilities, warehouses, banks, and houses of worship.

You Can Trust 3-D Paving With Your Pavements

We are a family business with an exemplary reputation for superior craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and true professionalism. If you would like to learn more about our company, request a free quote, or have questions about paving procedures, use our online form to contact us. If you prefer, you can call 855-735-ROAD, or you send an email to Info@3-DPaving.com.

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