Commercial Drainage​​ Services South Florida

What is Drainage?

Drainage is defined as the removal of surface water from an area. Often in poor weather conditions, there is a risk that parking lots, driveways, and roads might be susceptible to flooding.

Standing water can damage existing surfaces as well as attract insects. This is why it is important for people to prioritize drainage when looking to have asphalt and concrete work done. 

Why You Need It

Drainage is essential for preserving and protecting things like driveways and parking lots. You need to make sure you use drainage to alleviate flooding of walkways and the road. Proper gutters, asphalt grading, and the use of catch basins and retention areas can ensure that excess water finds its way away from your vehicular and pedestrian surfaces.

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Benefits of Drainage

Drainage is something you absolutely must make sure you get sorted right now, and here are 5 of the key benefits:

Prevent Flooding

Helps to prevent flooding and keeps the road or parking lot usable as much as possible.

Aviod Water Damage

Prevents the road from absorbing too much water and becoming damaged over time.

Lowers Costs

Lowers the maintenance work and costs involved in the long term care of your surfaces.

Improves Safety

Improves safety for both pedestrians and drivers.

Limits Soil Erosion

Prevents soil erosion, which can lead to slipping and sinking of concrete slabs, or the degradation of the base of your asphalt surfaces.

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