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If you are on a condo board, you probably know that residents are not too hesitant to notify you whenever a common area needs upkeep, and they are likely to offer unsolicited suggestions on purchases you should make to improve the property. At the same time, unit owners typically protest any special assessments that might be needed to pay for the things that residents request or demand, and they may fault board members if the assessment is needed to repair or replace a pavement prematurely. At 3-D, we understand the unique needs of condominiums, and we are able, prepared, and willing to assist.

What Are Some Typical Paving Services That Condominiums Require?

Condominiums range from single towers to sprawling complexes, so your paving requirements may vary. Your requirements also depend on whether your pavements have already been constructed; obviously, if they have not, you could add asphalt paving or concrete installation to your list of needs. Once your pavements have been constructed, you should focus on preventive maintenance and pavement repairs. Here are the most common types of services that condominium boards request.

  • Asphalt Crack and Pothole Repair: Breaks are bad news for asphalt pavements because they allow water to inflict damage from top to bottom. Once the supporting foundation has been weakened, eroded, or destabilized, remediation efforts will be considerably more expensive than routine repairs.
  • Concrete Repair: Although concrete is strong, concrete pavements can crack, become misaligned vertically or horizontally, spall, or otherwise become hazardous and unsightly.
  • Sealcoating: Sealcoating your asphalt pavements every two years or so can extend their life spans, minimize the frequency and cost of repairs, and make them more aesthetic.
  • Parking Lot Striping: Neat, professional pavement markings and striping can help make your parking lot ADA-compliant, more orderly, and safer.

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  • Parking Lot Signage: Parking lot signs consist of both mandatory and optional Mandatory signs include those that are required by the ADA or local fire or building codes; optional signs are those that are beneficial even if they are not legally required.
  • Bollard Installation: Bollards can be an attractive way to prevent vehicles from striking structures accidentally or In addition to placing bollards around your buildings and fences, bollards can be an excellent way to restrict vehicles from entering areas where they do not belong.

What Other Services Does 3-D Paving Offer?

We offer a full line of paving-related services. In addition to the services listed above, we also install asphalt pavements and overlays, thermoplastic line striping, concrete ramps, reflective pavement markers, concrete sidewalks, speed bump, concrete slabs, paver bricks, concrete parking lots, and concrete curbing and gutters. In addition, we offer site development, concrete grinding, drainage repairs, and asphalt milling.

Why Is 3-D Paving the Right Choice for Condos?

We have the right combination of skilled employees, well-maintained equipment, and experience to help condominiums get the most value for every dollar they spend on paving services. We have an impeccable reputation that is based on our craftsmanship and customer service. We offer free quotes, so why not request yours today? You can call us toll-free at 855-735-7623, submit the online form, or send an email to Info@3-DPaving.com.

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