Concrete Curbs & Gutters

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What are Concrete Curbs & Gutters?

Concrete curbs & gutters are traditionally found around sidewalks, roadways, and landscapes in order to provide a border and assist with drainage.

There are different types of curb and gutters, and they serve different functions. Some of the different types of curbing include extruded curbing, True D curbing, B curbing, and valley gutter curbing. Concrete curbs & gutters are important for maintaining landscaping and parking lot aesthetics.

Why You Need Them

Concrete curbs & gutters serve a number of purposes, and perhaps the main reason to use them is that they protect landscaping by preventing cars from driving through these areas. They can also be used to stop tree roots from penetrating into the parking lot and causing an array of issues. Concrete curbs and gutters can also be used to help with drainage in urban areas.

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Benefits of Concrete Curbs & Gutters

Understand that concrete curbs and gutters have a lot of benefits, and these are a few of the reasons why they should be used:

Prevent Erosion

Protecting the landscapes in urban areas from cars and preserving the important work that plays a role in landscaping. 

Water Drainage

Collecting and draining water away from residential areas, and thus reduce the risk of flooding. 


Defining an edge for sodding or trimming, which makes landscaping more efficient.


Demarking the edges of a parking lot or roadway. This helps people clearly identify it, making the paved areas safer.

Boundary Support

Supporting and providing a boundary when laying the concrete for the sidewalks.

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