Traffic Calming Devices

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What are Traffic Calming Devices?

Traffic calming devices make use of visual designs, obstructions, and barriers to slow down, divert, and catch the attention of drivers.

Traffic calming devices can stop traffic from growing uncontrollable, reducing vehicle speed and ensuring the safety of vehicles, pedestrians, and property.

Why Consider Traffic Calming Devices

A range of traffic calming devices have been designed to give you an effective means of controlling traffic to curb the risk of accidents, and to protect drivers, pedestrians, and property. Options include bollards, speed cushions, traffic islands, lane separators, raised tables and more.

To find the specific traffic calming device that would work best for your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with 3-D Paving & Sealcoating. We’re glad to help you find the most effective option based on your needs.

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The Benefits of Installing Traffic Calming Devices

Fast & Effective Installation

Many traffic calming devices don’t require any excavation in order to be installed. We can have your traffic calming device in place quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your property.


As big or as small as you need: Speed bumps, humps, and tables can be installed curb-to-curb, or in a single lane. This allows you to customize your traffic calming devices to suit your specific needs.

Strong Deterrent

Ensures the safety of people and vehicles alike: Highly effective at changing driving habits and preventing accidents.


Versatile options for various spaces: Traffic calming devices can be used in streets, intersections, roadways, parking lots, and much more.

Long Lasting

Tried, tested, and tough: Traffic calming devices can handle the wear of the road and the pressure of the vehicles that they’re supposed to be calming.

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