Concrete Sidewalks & Slabs

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What are Concrete Sidewalks & Slabs?

Concrete sidewalks & slabs are used in the construction of pedestrian sidewalks.

Concrete sidewalks are generally 4”-6” thick slabs formed into square or rectangular flags, and separated by joints that allow for expansion. Sometimes they contain rebar or wire mesh for support and to strengthen the sidewalk. Concrete slabs are usually thicker and stronger than concrete sidewalks and are often used for loading docks, dumpster pads, or generator pads.

Why You Need Them

Concrete sidewalks & slabs are an important part of the pedestrianization of towns and cities. They provide a safe place for people to walk without having to worry about vehicular traffic, and they remain free of hazards and dangers. Furthermore, concrete slabs act as a support for heavier objects that might cause damage to the asphalt or regular concrete. 

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Benefits of Concrete Sidewalks & Slabs

There are countless benefits to concrete sidewalks & slabs; check out the top 5 reasons why they are so important:

Pedestrian Safety

Sidewalks provide a safe environment for people on foot to navigate towns and cities.


Sidewalks are a big part of the aesthetics of a particular place, and a necessary addition for framing a road and making everything look perfect.

Structural Support

Concrete slabs offer support for heavier objects that might damage other surfaces or materials.


Concrete is durable, strong, and long-lasting, and are essential parts of the urban landscape, crucial for your project.

Value for Money

Concrete offers good value for the money due to how strong and resilient it is, and concrete sidewalks and slabs can last decades if properly maintained. 

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