Asphalt Repairs​ Services South Florida

Asphalt repairs usually require the milling or breaking down of one or more layers of the asphalt surface in preparation for the installation of a new asphalt layer. The milled asphalt is removed and recycled, offering a clean construction site and rapid completion of the job. 

In many cases, potholes and divots in the surface are repaired by using a specialized saw to cut a rectangular section around the area to be repaired, ensuring the repaired area is flush with the surrounding asphalt.

Why Repair Surfaces?

Sidewalks, roads, parking lots, and other asphalt surfaces can become damaged and eroded through regular use. Environmental and weather conditions can also negatively affect the surface, and once degradation begins, the problem is only worsened through use. Holes, cracks, and other damage can cause a hazard to people and vehicles, leading to liabilities in addition to negative aesthetic effect.

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Asphalt Repair Benefits

Prevents Complete Erosion

A small crack in the surface will continue to degrade over time, and left unchecked it could lead to complete deterioration of the surface. Getting a crack filled or repairing a small pothole prevents you from having to repair a larger area later, or worse, having to replace the whole surface.

Corrects The Surface

Cracks and potholes aren’t the only cause of accidents. Bumps, divots, and other imperfections can be just as damaging. Additionally, pooling water or vehicular fluids only worsen asphalt conditions . Asphalt repair ensures that the surface is completely even.

Saves Money

Paying to have an entire parking lot or sidewalk repaired is expensive. By catching the problem early, and having appropriate repairs made, you can keep repair costs to a minimum.

Conveys Professionalism

A cracked and disfigured surface looks unappealing and unattractive, deterring visitors and even reducing tourism. Repairing the asphalt returns the surface to its former glory. Show your visitors you care about them as much as you care about your property.

Limits Accidents

Potholes, raised surfaces, and even cracks can lead to accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles. Prevent injuries and accidents, as well as the damages associated with them, with effective asphalt repair.

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